adding [markdown] to the email subject lines for markdown-discuss

Mark Smith mark at
Sat Jul 8 06:33:04 EDT 2006

at 07:42 on 08.07.2006, John Gruber wrote:

>Sam Joseph <srjoseph at> wrote on 7/8/06 at 11:16



>> The [mailing-list-name] subject line addition is used in

>> lots of places. Is there a reason that some people don't

>> like it? Subject line gets too long?


>I personally find it distracting and unnecessary. For the

>lists I'm subscribed to that do this, I set up filters in my

>email client to strip these Subject-line prefixes out.

If you use a sufficiently powerful email client and/or can script
your mail server, then the reverse (so to speak) of what John is
doing is also possible. That is, you can script the *addition* of
a "subject ID".

FW*L*IW, I think its a matter of personal filtering policy. If you
discretely filter markdown discuss messages, then all you need is
in the headers. If you have a common filter for markdown-discuss
messages and one, or more other message sources, then a secondary
sort criteria for the mailbox, label, or whatever can be useful.
This is where I see *some* value in "subject IDs". [Case in point

: the 3 "BBEdit lists" (talk, scripting and web-dev)]

[Of course, a sufficient abundance of "labels" in the client would
make all of this unnecessary.]

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