adding [markdown] to the email subject lines for markdown-discuss

Mark Smith mark at
Sat Jul 8 17:06:05 EDT 2006

...we are about as off-topic as we would be if we started talking
about the world cup...

at 13:45 on 08.07.2006, Jan Erik Moströ m wrote:

>Reply to Mark Smith <mark at> 06-07-08 12:33:


>> FW*L*IW, I think its a matter of personal filtering

>> policy. If you discretely filter markdown discuss

>> messages, then all you need is in the headers. If you have

>> a common filter for markdown-discuss messages and one, or

>> more other message sources, then a secondary sort criteria

>> for the mailbox, label, or whatever can be useful. This is

>> where I see *some* value in "subject IDs". [Case in point

>> : the 3 "BBEdit lists" (talk, scripting and web-dev)]


>I usually do this by having one BBSW talk filter


> if any recipient contains "-talk at" then deposit


>and then sub-filters for the various lists


> if any recipient contains "mailsmith-talk at"

> then deposit

Yes. I do something similar and we both use the same email client,
though I think your version might be newer than mine (:

My point was though, that one might not want a one list per
mailbox, or one list per label/tag filtering model and in such
cases the possibility of sorting the message list per
list/label/tag becomes interesting again.

Was just mentioning an area in which the subject annotation could
be used in a way that (in most clients) is not facilitated by
header contents. I'd prefer to do this with lables than with
subject annotations, but sometimes there aint enough labels to go


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