Formal Grammar?

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Sun Jul 9 20:51:23 EDT 2006

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Le 9 juil. 2006 à 3:01, A. Pagaltzis a écrit :

> If you need to write it in C, be sure not to miss D. Richard

> Hipp’s [lemon][1] parser generator.


> [1]:

Not sure if anyone seen that, but [Eric Anderton's compile-time
regular expression parser][2] made of D templates looks very
promising, but is possibly lacking some things needed for a straight
port of Markdown in D. But I suspect that could produce a blazing
fast Markdown implementation as it is often about as fast as C++.
There is an introduction in the middle of [this article][3].


>> Would anyone be interested in contributing to this effort?


> I can’t make any promises, but I’ve always wanted an actual

> parser rather than all the search&replace-train implementations

> that we currently have, so by the looks of it I was going to have

> to write one eventually anyway.

I can surely review it at the very least.

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