numbered list bug in

Jacob Rus jrus at
Wed Jul 12 20:33:41 EDT 2006

Waylan Limberg wrote:

> On 7/9/06, Carl-Johan Kihlbom <kihlbom at> wrote:

>> I'm guessing it's because you have different indent levels. Try

>> removing the spaces before 1-9.


> I'll second that. In my observation Python is very picky about the

> four spaces of indent, while Perl seems to notice any amount of indent

> (one space is often enough) even though the syntax[1] tells us we need

> four spaces. To see what I mean, try adding a couple more spaces to

> 1-9 in your example and run it through both to see what you get.

Yes, I realize it's picking things up as multiple indentation levels,
but I offer that this is a bug, and that python markdown has this right.
Having numbers of numbered lists right-aligned seems like a legitimate
method of writing them in plain text, and when there is *less*
indentation, having a sublist formed is counter-intuitive to me. I
would prefer to have it keep them as part of the same list, but would
possibly understand if it ended the current list and started a new one.
Making less-indented numbers into a sublist just seeems weird,
especially since using 0-3 spaces to start the first list item is
allowed by spec.


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