adding [markdown] to the email subject lines for markdown-discuss

Seumas Mac Uilleachan seumas at
Wed Jul 19 19:15:29 EDT 2006

Sam Joseph wrote:

> A. Pagaltzis wrote:


>> * Sam Joseph <srjoseph at> [2006-07-08 03:50]:



>>> I was wondering what people thought to the idea of getting

>>> "[markdown]" added to the subject lines of all the mails to the

>>> markdown mailing list?


>> From the headers of the mail you just posted:



>> <snip>various mail headers </ship>


>> What about that doesn’t suffice for you?


> My mail tool (thunderbird) has a default search above the messages.

> None of the default options "subject, sender, (subject & sender),

> body" allow me to easily filter the markdown emails.


> Naturally I can open a search tool and do a search based on those

> headers, but it's not as convenient.


> I subscribe to a lot of mailing lists and tend to rely on

> [mailing-list-name] appearing in the subject line to do my filtering.


> I find that if I set up a script to filter automatically to another

> folder then I just end up not reading that mailing list. At least

> that's my habit.


> The [mailing-list-name] subject line addition is used in lots of

> places. Is there a reason that some people don't like it? Subject

> line gets too long?



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> Markdown-Discuss at




My mail tool (Thunderbird) has no problem here. I simply filter on:

Match any of the following

From contains markdown-discuss
To contains markdown-discuss

Move to ...

Haven't had a misdirected message yet.


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