Már Örlygsson mar.nospam at
Mon Jun 5 18:16:02 EDT 2006

Hi. Is it just me or is there an elephant in here?

The official Markdown homepage
( offers the 18-month-old
version 1.0.1 as a download, and the Dingus page purports to be run on
a version 1.0.2b6 - which seems to offer pretty much the same
functionality as the old 1.0.1 version.

My question is: Is there any active development going on with the
"official" plugin? Should I stop holding my breath and
turn my attention (and donation dollars) to some fork project? If so
which one?

There are several features that have been discussed at length (simple
tables, definition lists, id-attributes, a better `img` syntax, better
ordered lists, etc) that I'd like to see implemented and be able to
start using in my documents, without the fear that the "official"
standard markdown syntax might eventually move in a completely
different direction leaving me with a backlog of "funky" markdown

(P.S. I tried browsing through the mailing-list's web-archives for
possible answers, but found them all missing except April and May


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