MultiMarkdown and MathML - new feature and request for help

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Sat Jun 10 19:18:04 EDT 2006

Le 10 juin 2006 à 17:02, Fletcher T.Penney a écrit :

> 1) How can I create a valid document with a .html extension?

> (requiring .xhtml is going to break a bunch of other stuff)

MathML (or any other XML language for that matter) is not recognized
when the browser parse the file with the HTML parser. So for MathML
to work, you need ".xhtml" or a "application/xhtml+xml" MIME type.
And yes, unfortunately, that can break other stuff.

> 2) How do I fix my xhtml2latex stylesheets (http://

> to work with a file

> that has the xmlns attribute applied to the html node? (Or with

> whatever comes out of an answer to #1 above)

Instead, try to answer this question: how to specify an XML namespace
from the stylesheet?

> 3) Any suggestions on the markup syntax? I sort of arbitrarily

> chose the use of an extra `. I am sure there is a better way of

> doing this, and would love to hear input.

Well, if you want to be sure Markdown doesn't change the content of
your expression, you could wrap it into a processing instruction tag:

<?ascii2math x_(1,2) = (-b+-sqrt(b^2-4ac))/(2a) ?>

This is less pretty, but has less chance to break too. With your
syntax, what happens if you have some `<` in a formula? With the one
above, only `?>` would be problematic, but you shouldn't see that too
often in maths.

> 4) And less importantly, is there a perl version of ASCIIMath out

> there somewhere? It would be great to be able to combine the code,

> but this can be worked around. Definitely lower on the priority list.

I'm not aware of any.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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