html2text in php

Rich Pedley elfin at
Fri Jun 30 07:13:33 EDT 2006

On 30/06/2006 11:52, Milian Wolff wrote:

> Am Freitag, 30. Juni 2006 12:26 schrieb Rich Pedley:

>> <div id ="menu">

>> <h2>Admin</h2>

>> <ul>

>> <li><a href="">Admin login</a></li>

>> </ul>

>> </div>


> Should be fixed now, thanks!


> Note: the <div id="menu"> is kept by default. Its possible though to remove

> all markup which can't be converted to Markdown. I'll add that option to the

> interface asap.

hmm, that may not be the way to go, if you really been remove, as
opposed to ignore.

<p class="test">testing</p>

currently gets reset to <p>testing</p>


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