escaping backticks not working

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Fri Jun 30 09:21:44 EDT 2006

Le 30 juin 2006 à 8:39, Michel Fortin a écrit :

> If you need to include a backtick inside a code span, you'll have

> to use more backticks to surround the code. This:


> Text ``escaped backtick: ` this should be code`` Text


> should give the result you expected. Take a look at the code span

> syntax for more details:


> <>

Hum, I should have reread that part, it is outdated when it says:

> To include a literal backtick character within a code span, you can

> backslash escape it:


> `There is a literal backtick (\\`) here.`

Apparently, John involuntarily reverted to an older version of the
syntax document as it wasn't like this when I translated it in French
back in March 2005.

If anyone wants the *un*reverted version of this document, as of when
I translated it, I kept a copy so I can diff with later versions and
spot easily the changes.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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