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Sun May 7 19:47:22 EDT 2006

Le 6 mai 2006 à 20:49, Anton J Aylward a écrit :

> Realistically, I can only see macros working with something a bit

> more ...

> controlled? What spring to mind is the render-chain mechanism

> used in the

> perl-based wiki "CGI::Kwiki". The plugins that do 'macro' work

> and the

> rest of the basic markup rendering are in the form of an ordered (read

> prioritized) list. Of course the TOC will be near the end of the

> chain.

I'm not sure I understand everything, but it seems that your problem
is that you have two kinds of macros (those that require HTML-
converted text and those that generate Markdown markup). Maybe you
just need a way to tell them apart so you can run each macro
processor either before or after Markdown.

Does that make any sense?

Michel Fortin
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