Leading blank lines in codeblocks ignored?

A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Mon Jan 1 08:08:42 EST 2007

* Andrea Censi <andrea at censi.org> [2007-01-01 10:10]:

> On 12/31/06, John Gruber <gruber at fedora.net> wrote:

> > Andrea Censi <andrea at censi.org> wrote on 12/31/06 at 10:12 AM:

> >

> > > Is there any way in Markdown to indicate a code-block with a leading blank

> > > line?

> >

> > Not really, but you could fake it with, say, a literal

> > non-breaking space.


> I don't understand.


> You mean like this?

> ---

> Paragraph


> <tab>&nbsp;

> <tab>Second line of code block.

> ---

> I thought that Markdown should render the "&nbsp;" as it is.

No, he said a *literal* non-breaking space. The `&nbsp;` entity,
in case you didn’t know, is not special; like all entities, it
merely stands for a character that also has a regular character
code: 160 in the ISO-Latin-* encodings and in Unicode (U+00A0).
If you enter such a character directly in the file, Markdown.pl
will interpret the line as non-empty, but it will show up as
empty when the browser renders the non-breaking space.

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