Revised 2005 proposal for meta-data

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On 12/31/06, Sam Angove <peasant at> wrote:

> On 12/29/06, Andrea Censi <andrea at> wrote:

> > I wait for comments.


> Are you wedded to the curly brackets?

Just fiancé.
I think that it is better for parsing to use the other brackets (less

> The way I see it, Markdown already has a span-level metadata syntax:

The bulk of the proposal is to attach meta-data to block-level elements,
like headers, paragraphs, etc.

The proposed syntax for block-level elements is also utilizable for
span-level elements, therefore it makes sense to use it consistently.


> This is [a link]( "Title").


> In Python it might be this function:

I agree on the rest, but as I said, the primary problem is attaching
meta-data to the block-level elements.

> Anyway, YMMV, $0.02, etc.

As for me, it's €0.02. So my opinion is valued more than yours! :-)

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