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Thu Jan 4 10:44:02 EST 2007

Le 2007-01-01 à 19:02, Andrea Censi a écrit :

> Happy new year!


> This is the revised revised proposal:






> I wait for comments.

Overall seems good, but I want to comment on this:

> Default ALD for classes of elements. For example, an header of

> level 2 inherits automatically the attributes of {header2}, if it

> is defined.

I don't see the point for such a feature. Applying the same
attributes to all elements of the same name is a bad markup style,
especially if it's a class attribute like in your example. If the
reason you do this is to facilitate styling, why not just create a
rule "h1" or "p" in your stylesheet that applies to all elements with
that name?

Also, your new proposal for a span element:

[special words]{#myspan}

seems to me even more ambiguous than the previous one using braces
instead of square brakets since John Gruber wants to introduce the
[single braket] syntax as a shortcut for reference-style links in a
future version of Markdown.[^1] Your span syntax, would become
exactly the same as a shortcut reference-style link with a custom

[^1]: That future is not so far away: the shortcut reference-style
link syntax is currently implemented in the latest 1.0.2 betas and
present but commented out in the current PHP Markdown & Extra releases.

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