spacing before list continuations

John MacFarlane jgm at
Sat Jan 6 21:02:59 EST 2007

According to the official Markdown syntax documentation, "List items may
consist of multiple paragraphs. Each subsequent paragraph in a list item
must be intended by either 4 spaces or one tab."

But (v. 1.0.2b7 & 1.0.1) seems to allow continuation
paragraphs that are indented fewer than 4 spaces. So, for example,
given the following input

1. one

--------------------- produces:



Is this a bug, or should the documentated syntax be revised? This more
relaxed behavior is nice in some cases, but it seems to cause problems
in others. For example, this ought to be a nested list followed by a
horizontal rule:

+ item 1

+ item 2

* * * * *

But produces this bizarre HTML:

<li><p>item 1</p>

<ul><li><p>item 2</p></li>


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