Revised - Revised 2005 proposal for meta-data

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Sun Jan 7 22:15:35 EST 2007

Le 2007-01-07 à 20:09, Jacob Rus a écrit :

> Michel Fortin wrote:

>> John Gruber wants to introduce the

>> [single braket] syntax as a shortcut for reference-style links in a

>> future version of Markdown.[^1]


>> [^1]: That future is not so far away: the shortcut reference-style

>> link syntax is currently implemented in the latest 1.0.2 betas and

>> present but commented out in the current PHP Markdown & Extra

>> releases.


> Wait, he does? That seems like a somewhat bad idea, likely to

> break all

> sorts of existing uses. How is someone supposed to write [sic], for

> example?

Well [sic] would not produce anything special if there's no link
reference called "sic" to create a link with. Copy this email on the
[dingus] to see.

I'm not completely sure it's a so good idea either, but I previously
expressed my opinions on the subject on this list and it didn't seem
to dissuade John from doing it so now I expect to see that in a next
release, whenever that happens.


Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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