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Mon Jan 8 04:36:29 EST 2007

On 1/8/07, Jacob Rus <jrus at> wrote:

> > The problem I find with the current syntax is that I cannot *see*

> > whether there is the line break.


> Get a text editor which allows you to color that line break ;)

So I guess the problem is: how do I tell Textmate to highlight that? :-)

> Incidentally, is anyone interested at all in discussions on any of the

> following:


> 1. Footnotes

> 2. Tables

[PHP Markdown][1] and [Maruku][2] implement [this additional
syntax][3] that covers footnotes and tables.

[Multimarkdown][6] implements footnotes the same way, and its
implementation of tables is a superset of [3].

Maruku will implement the [new meta-data proposal][4], once it is
stabilized with discussion on this mailing list. Also PHP Markdown
will implement something similar. The new syntax uses curly quotes.

If Multimarkdown's syntax for tables is better specified, I'll
implement it for Maruku too. (you can't really implement anything from
just one example, and I don't want to copy bug-by-bug one



> for adding things like TeX-formatted math,

[Pandoc][5] and [Multimarkdown][6] implement inline math.
Maruku will probably implement Pandoc's threatment of TeX blocks and
TeX-style inline math: $\alpha$.

> 3. A more formalized extension mechanism


> The first two of those have lengthy archived discussions which could use

> someone summarizing them for the rest of us. I plan on taking that up

> at some point in the nearish future if no one else will. The last would

> be really nice, for adding things like TeX-formatted math, or lilypond

> formatted music, or alternate table syntaxes, or whatever else, for

> people running into markdown's limitations and not wanting to just use

> raw html.

Could you give us an example? what exactly is an "extension mechanism"?

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