Proposal for meta-data (third revision)

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Thu Jan 11 12:08:47 EST 2007

Le 2007-01-11 à 4:04, Jacob Rus a écrit :

> Andrea Censi wrote:

>> Changes were:


>> * Changed the syntax for compatibility with a future extension

>> mechanism.


>> The first character in the curly braces must be a colon, optionally

>> followed by a space:


> I wasn't meaning to suggest before that {«extension-name»

> «content»} was

> necessarily the best syntax for an extension system, but merely

> that it

> was a possibility.

I know I said it before on this list[1][2], but there's already a
supported syntax for this kind of extensions: XML processing

<?«processor-name» «content»?>


Processing instructions are passed as-is by Markdown and are pretty
easy to catch later with a simple regex[^1], so it's already possible
to implement this kind of extension when they're not dependent on
Markdown. And I see no reason why some classes of processing
instructions could not be processed by the Markdown parser directly
when that's needed.

You can search for processing instructions to parse in the Markdown
*output* with this regular expression:


where you replace "processor-name" with the name of your
extension and
where the first match contains the content for the instruction.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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