needs must make MD ignore my PHP

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Sun Jan 28 20:50:43 EST 2007

Le 2007-01-27 à 20:54, Paul Ingraham, RMT a écrit :

> I need to exclude arbitrary chunks of my documents from Markdown

> parsing, because my documents are littered with <?php blah blah ?>,

> and a few other oddities. These blocks get gifted with unwanted

> markup by Markdown:


> <?php blah blah ?> becomes <p><?php blah blah ?></p>


> If I can't make it stop that, it's a dealbreaker for me in an

> otherwise fascinating and incredibly useful tool. And my gut tells

> me that there has *got* to be a way, even though I've scoured the

> syntax docs and can't find it. (I did notice a mechanism for doing

> this via WordPress (<MTMarkdownOptions output='raw'>), but that's

> WordPress. I'm handcrafting documents in BBEdit.)

Hum, I'm not sure where you're adding these PHP blocks that get
caught by Markdown. Are you converting Markdown to HTML using BBEdit,
or using the PHP Markdown plugin for WordPress? Are you adding these
PHP chunks in posts and/or pages within WordPress or in the
templates? And are you using another plugin tho make PHP code in
posts and/or pages execute because it seems to me that WordPress
doesn't execute PHP code in posts and pages by default?

> What can I do to convince Markdown to ignore my php?

It's hard to give advice without knowing more, but it's certain that
< MTMarkdownOptions> won't work in WordPress because it's a template
tag for MovableType, not WordPress.

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