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I'm trying to render the following page in markdown:

This page was converted into markdown using Aaron Swartz's html2text
[1]. And then rendered to HTML using Niklas Frykholm's markdown.lua

Everything works quite nicely... except that under 'Lua
Enhancements'... the very first header is not rendered as a header, but
as plain text:

### Lua Enhancements

**Lua 5.1:** <<<< renders as <pre><code>**Lua 5.1:**</code></pre>

* [UserDataRefinement][29]
* [YieldableForLoops][30] A simplified reimplementation of the
forpatch (below) for 5.1work6
* [GeneralizedPairsAndIpairs][31] (Could be modified to work in 5.0.2
with the compatibility library)

**Lua 5.0:** <<<< renders as <p><strong>Lua 5.0:</strong></p>

John Gruber's Markdown dingus [3] exhibits the same behavior.

Is that to be expected?

See attachment for the full markup.

Kind regards,



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