Markdown rendering question (PA)

PA petite.abeille at
Sat Jul 14 16:07:06 EDT 2007

On Jul 14, 2007, at 18:26, Bruce Phillips wrote:

> Yes. John Gruber's Markdown [dingus][] and [syntax][] page similarly

> state:


> > To produce a code block in Markdown, simply indent every line of the

> block by at least 4 spaces or 1 tab.

Thanks for the clarification... but then... why isn't the next section
rendered as a code block as well?

**Lua 5.0:** <<<< renders as <p><strong>Lua 5.0:</strong></p>

Looks kind of similar:

**Lua 5.1:** <<<< renders as <pre><code>**Lua 5.1:**</code></pre>




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