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Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Thu Jul 19 22:46:29 EDT 2007

Le 2007-07-19 à 22:05, Benoit Perdu a écrit :

> It was a very useful feature for e-mail parsing and I miss it.


> I use PHP Markdown extra to send multipart alternative e-mail, and the

> short syntax [link] instead of [link][] is very clean and lean. Do you

> plan to implement it anymore?

That depends if John Gruber adds it to a non-beta version of
Markdown. I'm pretty sure it'll be added, eventually.

> Or is there a tweak to get the present PHP Markdown Extra to parse

> [links] as [links][]?


> BTW I did not find mention of this in

> <

> 000615.html>

This was a link to the description of the latest beta of
which includes the feature. The link was not introduced properly,
sorry if you got confused.

If you're interested in PHP Markdown Extra, you'll be happy to know
that the feature is still there, only disabled until it become
official. As [I said last December][1] when I used the beta version
to create a new release version:

> I disabled support for [this] as a synonym for [this][] because it's

> still labeled as experimental and because it's nowhere to be found in

> the documentation yet. The `markdown="1"` hack added to 1.0.2b7 has

> been disabled too. If you want these features reenabled, just

> uncomment the relevant lines of `doAnchor` and `formParagraph`.


(Note: The markdown="1" feature has only been removed from plain PHP
Markdown, not Extra.)

In the latest version of PHP Markdown Extra (1.1.3), the commented-
out code in `doAnchors` starts at line 731. Just remove the `//` at
the start of that line and the few following ones and the feature
will be reenabled.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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