Nested list depth limit?

John Fraser john at
Tue Jul 24 12:21:08 EDT 2007

On 7/24/07, Timothy Swan <timswan at> wrote:

> I'm trying to convert the following text into an ordered list, but

> when it hits the fourth level nested list, the list items aren't

> converted into <li>'s. Is there a limit to how far you can nest a

> list?

Hi Tim,

There's no limit to nesting; Markdown just seems to be confused by
your indentation. Make sure you always indent each successive nesting
level exactly four spaces, and everything will work fine:

* Opinions &amp; Orders
* Administrative Orders
* Opinion Search
* Supreme Court
* Superior Court
* Rules &amp; Fees
* Court Rules
* Court Fees
* Forms &amp; Publications
* Services &amp; Programs
* Guardian ad litem
* Alternative Dispute Resolution
* What is ADR
* ADR Availability
* Office of Court ADR
* Selecting a Neutral
* Becoming a Neutral
* Court Rules
* Directory of ADR Neutrals (search application)
* Alternative Dispute Resolution FAQ

John Fraser

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