div & span support

Richard Taytor dick at gutz.com
Sun Mar 4 18:00:44 EST 2007

> [John Fraser:] Being able to wrap Markdown text in divs and spans ...

I find div and span tags quite useful. Here is an example of the syntax I'm presently using.

[[ {#orchard}
Contents of div here. And ~this{.plum}~ is how I do spans.


<div id="orchard">
<p>Contents of div here. And <span class="plum">this</span> is how I do spans.</p>

Whatever characters one chooses to use (I imagine some resistance to ~), I think div and span support is essential. I also place the attribute group inside element delimiters, which is more consistent, easier to read, and offers greater utility, as it appears to me (in contrast to placing it outside element delimiters). Anyway, more on that some other time.


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