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Andrea Censi andrea at censi.org
Sun Mar 4 19:24:31 EST 2007

On 3/5/07, Richard Taytor <dick at gutz.com> wrote:

> > [John Fraser:] Being able to wrap Markdown text in divs and spans ...


> I find div and span tags quite useful. Here is an example of the syntax I'm presently using.


> [[ {#orchard}

> Contents of div here. And ~this{.plum}~ is how I do spans.

> ]]

I also need DIVs and I will implement them in Maruku.

I will be glad to hear suggestions for the syntax.

Here is another hypothesis:

+================ {#id}

nested div:

inside nested DIV


I like the fact that the line of `=` separates well the DIV's content
from the rest of the document.

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