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Tue Mar 6 08:37:19 EST 2007

Le 2007-03-06 à 4:54, Emmanuel VAÏSSE a écrit :

> Hello, is there an acronym method in php markdown extra ?

No, there is only support for abbreviations. Initially I was thinking
about a companion syntax to be able to specify acronyms, but I later
decided against it after learning the `<acronym>` element has been
removed from the WHATWG's [Web Application working draft][1] (often
called HTML5 these days).


The rationale behind the removal is that it's most often pointless to
distinguish acronyms from other kinds of abbreviations: visually,
they're sometimes all caps (NASA), sometimes not (laser, radar);
spoken, they're sometimes spelled letter-by-letter (USA) and at other
times they're pronounced as a word (WYSIWYG). And some acronyms just
have no meaning as acronyms (LMX: reverse parser for XML).

Personally, I tend to agree with dropping `<acronym>`, and thus
decided not to add support for it in PHP Markdown Extra. You can use
abbreviations instead.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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