div & span support

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Thu Mar 8 10:33:20 EST 2007

Reply to Jacob Rus <jrus at hcs.harvard.edu> 07-03-05 03:49:

>In general, I don't think it helps the basic markdown format

>for us to add features just because we can. Especially not

>features that are only relevant in the context of html

>documents, add not inconsiderable complexity to the appearance

>of the text, and through their inclusion limit the future use

>of similar syntax for more useful purposes.

I agree. I think it's important to keep Markdown as simple as
possible, I want to be able to use Markdown text as both input
to a markdown parser and just as plain text that I can send to
someone who has never heard about Markdown.

I've seen how difficult to read the source can become in other
markup languages (not that I've tried them all).

Personally there are a few things I missing in Markdown:
definitions list and some simple table support.

Otherwise I'm perfectly happy using HTML embedded in the
Markdown document or write a custom pre-processor to Markdown
(I've done that to handle meta information and high-lighting of text).


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