ANN: python-markdown2 -- another Python implementation of Markdown

cormullion at cormullion at
Tue Nov 6 13:38:38 EST 2007

On 6 Nov 2007, at 07:20, Trent Mick wrote:

> On 11/5/07, cormullion at <cormullion at> wrote:

>> Thanks! Although there were other problems as well, after this one

>> went away. Not being a Python-eer, I'll leave it for now.


> As of revision 85 should work with Python 2.3. Please let

> me know if it fails for you.

Need to find it first - I can't see it on the [downloads tab](http://

(Oops - I'm typing Markdown in Apple Mail... that might not be a good
idea... ;-) )

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