[ANN] MDTest 1.0

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Sun Sep 16 08:49:07 EDT 2007

I've got a question to one of the MDTest cases, namely `Images.html` in the
`Markdown.mdtest` folder.

What I'm wondering about is that - in my opinion - the desired HTML output is
wrong - there are some empty titles which where never declared in the
Markdown text!

Take that input e.g.:

![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg)

PHP Markdown does the following, which seems straight forward:

<p><img src="/path/to/img.jpg" alt="Alt text" /></p>

Note that there is no title attribute declared. Markdown.pl in contrary
converts the above input to this:

<p><img src="/path/to/img.jpg" alt="Alt text" title="" /></p>

This is wrong since no title attribute was given in the input! Markdown.pl's
output would require an input like so:

![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg "")

What do you think about that? Is this a bug in Markdown.pl ?
Milian Wolff

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