[ANN] PHP Markdown 1.0.1k & Extra 1.1.7

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at michelf.com
Thu Sep 27 11:54:34 EDT 2007

I got three bug reports for the same bug last week and early this
week, so I decided to release a fix for that right away.

When creating 1.0.1i, I merged a few similar regular expressions to
reduce the number of passes and improve speed, but I was a little
careless and the parsed ended up creating horizontal lines (`<hr />`)
from lines such as these:




This update fixes that.

- - -

Download links are on the PHP Markdown page at:

The corresponding PEAR packages and the Git repository mirror have
been updated too. For more info, see <http://pear.michelf.com/> or

1.0.1k & Extra 1.1.7 (26 Sep 2007):

* Fixed a problem introduced in 1.0.1i where three or more identical
uppercase letters, as well as a few other symbols, would trigger
a horizontal line.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at michelf.com

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