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Jan Erik Moström lists at
Thu Jul 17 16:00:40 EDT 2008

Jurgens du Toit <jurgens.dutoit at> 08-07-17 20.12

>Any special reason why single newlines don't get converted to <br/>? I'm

>thinking that if it happens right at the end of the manipulations, and

>newlines between closing and opening block tags (such as <\p>\n<p>) get

>ignored, it will work? Or, actually more simple, only newlines between

>certain tags, such as p and div?

I'm not sure I understand, do you mean that you want a text like this:

This is just
an example

to be translated into

This is just<br/>
an example<br/>

Or am I misunderstanding things?

Jan Erik Moström,

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