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Liz Blankenship liz.blankenship at
Wed Jul 30 19:23:16 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm working on usability and accessibility for a project that uses
Markdown. When I tried out a screenreader on the automatic e-mail links, I
noticed that there's nothing there semantically due to obfuscation. I
think that obfuscation in this way is a neat feature, I hadn't heard about
it before. This would be even better if there was a way to both obfuscate
e-mail addresses and provide title text, such as <a href="obfuscated mailto:
e-mail link" title="stuff screen readers read and what shows when you hover
over the link">link text</link>.

It'd be cool, too, if screen readers learned how to read obfuscated words,
but the day that happens, all the spam bots will, too. ;-)

Anyway, this is pretty minor, just wanted to contribute what I noticed about
accessibility for food for thought and say hello. I'll write again if I
notice anything else during my accessibility evaluation.


Liz Blankenship
E-mail: liz.blankenship at
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