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Sun May 11 22:26:33 EDT 2008

Le 2008-05-11 à 20:55, Jacob Rus a écrit :

> You should write it in something closer to a BNF-like format. The

> current version is about 10x more verbose than necessary, and it

> makes reading the spec considerably more difficult.

The reason I'm doing it like this is that I doubt everything will be
expressible in a BNF format. Using plain english descriptions allows
me to not bother about fitting things to a specific grammar and just
write what I feel is the most natural and the easier to understand.

Shopping for a more formal and less verbose grammar, if we need one,
will be much easier once we know what we need, once we can compare
existing grammars against a checklist of what is necessary to
implement the given parsing algorithm.

If you remember the timetable I've given, you'll see that I've booked
about half a year for polishing things out. This includes rephrasing
sentences, refactorizing the syntax, and reformatting the spec to make
it easier to understand. This *could* include switching to a new
grammar format if it makes things more intuitive and readable.

> Also, you're still going to have quite a few sticky edge cases with

> your current parsing model. What happens when we have a `<>`-

> delimited URL inside a blockquote? For instance:


> > what about this <http://

> >> case?

Well, currently newlines aren't allowed inside automatic links in, PHP Markdown and some others. Implementations who see an
automatic link there sees it as a link to "http://" (notice the space) or "http://" (notice what's missing).


Anyway, with the parsing model in three passes I'm currently defining
it's pretty trivial to do correctly: the block elements pass extracts
the text of the blockquote, leaving this to parse by the span element

what about this <http://> case?

The span element pass would then see an autolink and just ignore any
newline it finds in the URL.

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