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Tue May 13 08:52:56 EDT 2008

Le 2008-05-13 à 2:20, John MacFarlane a écrit :

> PS. Here's all you have to learn in order to write or read a PEG

> grammar.


> A B C A followed by B followed by C

> A | B A or B (ordered choice)

> A+ one or more As

> A* zero or more As

> A? optional A

> !A not followed by A

> &A followed by A (but does not consume A)

> (A B) grouping

> . matches any character

> 'x' matches the character 'x'

> "string" matches the string "string"

> [a-z] matches a character from 'a' to 'z'

It certainly true that many parts could be converted to this and be
less verbose, and I find this idea appealing. I doubt the whole
Markdown Extra ruleset can be expressed in this format though. Can a
PEG grammar have parametrized rules?

I've just added nested block element support in the spec. This is done
by having the block element generator (formerly the block element
pass) have a stack of rules to match when starting each line. This
idea coming straight from Allan Odgaard's explanation of his lost
Markdown parser.

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