Optional features (was: Markdown Extra Specification (First Draft))

Allan Odgaard 29mtuz102 at sneakemail.com
Thu May 22 06:03:50 EDT 2008

On 22 May 2008, at 08:10, Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote:

> [...]

> Optional features are dangerous and impede interoperability.


> Everyone who ever thinks about chipping in on the design of

> a spec should read [section 5 of RFC 3339][1]. [...]

I love how it says:

[...] A format which includes rarely used options is
likely to cause interoperability problems [...] The
format defined below includes only one rarely used
option: fractions of a second. [...]

Which reminds me of when svn started to report fractions of seconds in
their ‘svn log --xml’ output, causing a few log visualizers to break :)

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