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Tue Sep 9 00:15:55 EDT 2008

* Waylan Limberg <waylan at> [2008-09-08 15:30]:

> Although I seem to recall talk in the past about the following:


> 1. foo

> - bar

> - baz


> Where the first item sets the list as ordered, and the rest

> just defines the items. The argument made was that the author

> could then reorder, insert or delete any random item without

> feeling the need to renumber the items.

I thought this was attractive, but it occured to me that whenever
you want that, you can get it just as well by instead writing the
list this way:

1. foo
1. bar
1. baz

> Personally, I'm the type that's going to renumber the items

> anyway

If you kept Markdown documents in a version control system, you
would avoid that. :-) (Renumbering items when shifting them
around can cause a lot of noise in diffs from spurious changes.)

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