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Tue Sep 9 16:33:00 EDT 2008

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> i've put forth a position that "do nothing" is a better method,

> because that will force the author to become less ambiguous.


Actually, any method that returns results different than what the
author expects will "force the author to become less ambiguous."
Depending on the author, that could be any one of the proposed
solutions. So, "do nothing" isn't really better in that respect - its
just different.

Besides, you've failed to provide a legitimate interpretation of what
"do nothing" does. As I stated before, we *must* return valid html.
So, should "do nothing" wrap the offending text in a <p>, a <div> or
some incomplete list as I proposed earlier. I shouldn't need to
restate the argument for the later option here.

The point is, even "do nothing" is open for interpretation. What I
consider a good clue to the author may not be obvious to someone else
and vise versa.

Waylan Limberg
waylan at

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