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Tue Sep 9 22:05:02 EDT 2008

Le 2008-09-09 à 21:26, John MacFarlane a écrit :

> Against (b): it's just too unexpected. Nothing in the markdown

> syntax description would lead one to expect that changing the list

> marker would start a sublist. I'm curious, though, to hear whether

> Michel Fortin has a rationale for doing it this way in PHP Markdown;

> I think he's the only (b)-category implementer who hasn't weighed

> in on this discussion.

Bug report posted on this list by Dhruba Bandopadhyay on September 18,

> The markdown text:


> * one

> * two


> 1. one

> 2. two


> gives the XHTML:


> <ul>

> <li>one</li>

> <li><p>two</p></li>

> <li><p>one</p></li>

> <li>two</li>

> </ul>

I felt it was worth a fix, so:

> 1.0.1b (6 Jun 2005)
> * Fix for an ordered list following an unordered list, and the
reverse. There
> is now a loop in _DoList that does the two separately.

Seems like most implementation still parse the above as one big
unordered list though:


- - -

That said, about the situation where there is no space between the two
lists, I'm not sure why it should be treated differently than with
Dhruba's report. If you take the following:

* one
* two

* three
* four

you only get one list. With my fix, this doesn't change; the only
change is that it now stops the list when it can't find another list
marker *matching the current list type*, plain and simple.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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