[ANN] markupwc: A simple word counting utility for Markdown files

Tammy Cravit tammy.lists at warmfuzzy.com
Thu Sep 25 20:47:53 EDT 2008

I am a professional freelance writer and mystery novelist, and I often work
on a variety of systems -- Linux/Unix, Mac, PC and my AlphaSmart. For that
reason, I write the majority of my articles, short stories and novels using
Markdown, which I then convert HTML for the Web or (via Pandoc) to
RTF/ODT/etc. for publication.

In support of that work, I've recently developed a utility, mkdwc, which
strips the markup from one or more Markdown (or, if you rename it to ttwc,
Textile) files and then performs a word/line/character count much like the
Unix wc(1) utility. mkdwc is written in Ruby, and should be pretty
cross-platform. Anyone interested is welcome to download it from:


Comments, feedback, patches/updates, feature requests, etc. are all welcome.
(Please note: The email address I use on the list is only for list traffic;
if you want to make sure I'll see your e-mail, send it to
tammy at wordsofwonder.net instead.)


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