[ANN] Slide Show (S9) Gem V0.7 - Better Support for More Markdown (Ruby) Libs and More

Gerald Bauer gerald at vanbeta.com
Thu Feb 5 02:27:07 EST 2009


== What's new in 0.7?

I removed the dependency on Maruku (and Oniguruma) and now allow and
check for optional installed Markdown libraries/gems. For now the
search order for markdown libraries is first come, first serve, that

rdiscount > rpeg-markdown > maruku > bluecloth (fallback, always
present because it's required in gem spec).

If you want to use rdiscount as your markdown library install it
using RubyGems e.g.

gem install rdiscount

Same goes for rpeg-markdown or maruku and so on.

That's it. Questions and comments welcome. Send them along here or
to the S5, S6, S9 and friends web slide show forum/mailing list @

Cheers. - Gerald

PS: What's Slide Show (S9)?

A Ruby gem that lets you create slide shows and author slides in
plain text using a wiki-style markup language that's easy-to-write and
easy-to-read (hint: Markdown!). The Slide Show (S9) project also
collects and welcomes themes and ships "out-of-the-gem" with built-in
support for "loss free" gradient vector graphics themes and more.

Find out more @ http://slideshow.rubyforge.org

And find an all-in-one-web-page live demo (w/ three CSS stylesheets
- projection, outline, print) and quick start tutorial online @

S9/S6 tip: Use the T key to toggle between outline and
projection/presentation mode.

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