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On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 4:16 AM, Daniel Winterstein
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> @John: Thank you for pointing me to those table syntax ideas. They are

> all sensible, but look like hard work for the user.


> Since there is no standard, I'd like to suggest a couple of

> possibilities and get people's comments.


Well, if I was to implement a table feature, I would just copy PHP's
implementation. It's already well documented, in use, and has at least
one copy (in MultiMarkdown) with embellishments. Why reinvent the

Oh, and looking at your suggestions, they all look like a bunch of
jumbled up randomly spaced text. Yes, I made sure my email client was
set to fixed width, but still, my eyes couldn't follow the columns. As
JG states, readability comes before writability, so we make the author
add in the pipes (more work to write), so the reader can easily read

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