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Most of the point of Markdown is that it can be viewed/edited in any
simple text editor.
Try TextEdit, SimpleText, or from the command-line (terminal window)
vi. Lots of Mac geeks use an editor that starts with BB (BBedit?)

In my usage markdown text is only viewed by me. I use it in
combination with template toolkit. Others use it with various content
management systems. The idea is that the writer is separated from
worrying about a raft of html tags, and uses visual hints in his text
to tell the html generator what to do. Many of these traditions come
from text only communication such as email before HTML email came
along, and usenet.
E.g. using asterisks to indicate *emphasis*.

In a more general sense, most of us can't worry about content and
format at the same time and do a good job of both. You can sort of do
it in a good word processor if you take the time when you start a
project to define a good set of styles. I have yet to find such an
editor that writes HTML code that isn't grossly bloated.

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 7:35 AM, Jan Erik Moström <lists at> wrote:

> Is there a file/document browser that render and display Markdown files?

> (for the Mac)


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