RFC: Markdown Table Syntax

Yuri Takhteyev qaramazov at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 13:31:16 EST 2009

> The problem I can see, however, is that it forces the common cases to adopt

> the syntax required by the edge cases. In general, I think that tables will

> often *not* have multiline cells.

My proposal is for supporting _two_ table syntaxes. One simple that
would work just like the current MD-Extra tables, and another one that
would require rows to be separated manually. So, the the common case
wouldn't change at all.

> The

> important thing about a data is the content of the table, not the table

> itself. I should know I'm looking at a table, but beyond that, it should

> stay out of my way.

This is all good, until the HTML for your table gets totally off
because you used one space too many or inadvertently triggered a row
continuation by using a colon inside a table cell. Legibility cannot
be the only criterion. It also need to make sure that the markup could
be translated to HTML in a predictable manner.

- yuri


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