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i admired nick's _write-up_ of "elastic tabstops" when i read it...

but i skipped his _example_, since java is disabled in my browser.

during a re-read, i turned on java, temporarily, to see his example.

and i'm _very_ impressed. in real time, on an interactive web-page,
nick makes elastic tabstops work, and he makes them work _well_...

i mean, i've done it inside an offline app. but this is on the live web!

java, of course, is a non-starter, with all the exploits out these days,
but my goodness, there must be _some_ other way to enable this...

because if you look at this, and can honestly say you don't believe
this blows out of the water these perennial threads that are trying
to develop a more-sophisticated table format, you're plumb nuts.




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