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>I have just subscribed to this list. I will introduce myself: For some

>time, I have kept a markdown implementation in awk for personal use,

>different from other implementations. Now, I'm in the process of

>rewriting it and I'm trying to do it as compatible as possible.


>There are many questions I have, I know some test suites and am trying

>to pass those tests. When I don't know how to handle a corner case I

>use to check with Dingus. I would really appreciate if somebody could

>explain me the output of this text:


> this paragraph is outside of list blocks


> * #this is not a h1

> * ##this is not a h2

> * ###and this is not a h3

> * but the next one is

I think the problem here is that the reference implementation
has trouble parsing unusual lists (I can get it to generate
improper html by putting '>'s inside of a list:

- > hi
- > there

...) and you might be better off just having your implementation
do list processing in the way you see best.

-david parsons

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