Treetop or like grammar for Markdown (in Ruby)

Costa Shapiro costa at
Mon Oct 19 13:38:39 EDT 2009

Thanks a lot.
Looks like I'm only short of leg2tt (hmm..:)
And it may really be not so hard to write -- assuming some limitations
and using the leg grammar with leg.

2009/10/19 John MacFarlane <jgm at>:

> +++ Costa Shapiro [Oct 19 09 18:40 ]:

>> Thanks John, but I've already seen these options.

>> I'm looking for a nicer Ruby option (with on-the-fly object creation)

>> which will be easy to extend.


> Sure.  The thought was that you might be able to draw on some of

> the work I've done in creating the grammar, rather than reinventing

> the wheel.  The syntax details vary from one PEG library to another,

> but once you've got an implementation for one, it's not hard to port

> it to another (in your case, treetop).


> John

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