markdown do not support Strikethrough ?

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Thu Jul 22 07:46:09 EDT 2010

<s> and <strike> have been deprecated since HTML 4.01. What HTML would you
expect Markdown to generate? Something like…

<p><span class="strike">This is wrong.</span> This is right.</p>


<p><del>This is wrong.</del> This is right.</p>

But the above should really make use of <ins> as well…

<p><del>This is wrong.</del> <ins>This is right.</ins></p>

This is well and truly beyond the scope of Markdown. Don't forget that HTML
is a subset of Markdown, so any time you want to do something without
corresponding Markdown syntax you can simply use HTML. So, you could have
something like this…

* first list item
* second list item
* <del>fifth</del> <ins>third</ins> list item

which'd convert to…

<li>first list item</li>
<li>second list item</li>
<li><del>fifth</del> <ins>third</ins> list item</li>


On 22 July 2010 22:11, Chunlin Zhang <zhangchunlin at> wrote:

> I am using indefero,and its wiki use markdown as wiki syntax,and I found

> that

> markdown do not support Strikethrough ?

> Thanks!


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