markdown do not support Strikethrough ?

John MacFarlane jgm at
Fri Jul 23 11:45:27 EDT 2010

+++ Arno Hautala [Jul 23 10 07:42 ]:

> On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 03:27, david parsons <orc at> wrote:

> > Arno Hautala <arno at> wrote:

> >>

> >>I could have sworn that this was done using dashes.

> >>-Apparently that's not so.-

> >

> >   But how do would you visually differentiate that markup from

> >   regular hyphens in text?   (There are already cases -- the lowly

> >   underscore springs to mind -- where the reference markdown does

> >   the non-obvious thing.)


> Agreed. How common is it to actually want to strike out text anyway?

> I've clearly not done it much; thinking a non-existent feature was the

> standard.

> It's just not something that's useful or common enough to warrant

> inclusion, especially when using actual HTML is a simple and effective

> solution.

Pandoc supports strikethrough with ~~this syntax.~~

I have some regrets about the choice, because I don't think
"strikeout" is a particularly natural interpretation of this markup.
But using HTML isn't a great solution for pandoc, which supports many
output formats.


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