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Fri Mar 5 15:54:42 EST 2010

On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 2:27 PM, Yuri Takhteyev <qaramazov at> wrote:

>> I'll second that. Though it would be best if we could still use the

>> Markdown name; a different one would just make one more confusing

>> text-markup specification for people to ignore. If we could call it

>> Markdown2 or something similar, it would be obvious that it expands on,

>> and supersedes, the original Markdown.


> Required reading:






> Of course, there are many many other relevant threads, but this would

> give you a taste.


> - yuri

Yuri provided some good reading, but I thought it important to point
out a specific comment by J.G. regarding the name of such a project:

If anyone wants to undertake this effort, they may say it is "inspired
by markdown" but they are going to have to name is something
different. I get the impression that the name "Markdown2" is not quite
different enough here.

There's another interesting comment he made regarding a specific
markdown implementation here:

I don't point these comments out to discourage such an effort from
happening (maybe it should). However, if it does happen, imo it will
either need J.G.'s blessing or will need to happen separate from this
community/list. Although, I would imagine an announcement of and link
to such an effort wouldn't be objectionable.

Additionally, I did not point those comments out in an effort to
reflect negatively on J.G. He created Markdown and is entirely
entitled to such a position. I would very likely take a simple
position if I was in his shoes and/or shared his opinion. Currently,
my opinion regarding the need for a fork/restart/refresh is

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