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Fri Mar 5 16:11:09 EST 2010

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Albert Skye <markdown-discuss at> wrote:

>Not only is [Markdown] dead, it's starting to smell really bad. (Apologies to Pike.)

There are some hilarious edge/pathological cases which doesn't get
right, but for the most part it works and if the places where it doesn't work
are offensive, there are literally dozens of other implementations out there
that have been tweaked more recently than

>It's author appears to have little interest in developing the tool and

>participating in the community which uses it.

He's got a Perl implementation that works for him, and there are many
other implementations that are basically compatable with his code &
test suites. There's not much he needs to do, so why should he run
around and do busywork?

-david parsons

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