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Fri Mar 5 21:05:48 EST 2010

+++ david parsons [Mar 05 10 22:10 ]:

> In article <20100305211753.GA27237 at>,

> John MacFarlane <markdown-discuss at> wrote:

> >Currently big players like reddit and github

> >use forms of markdown that depart significantly from John Gruber's

> >official specification;


> Okay, I'm curious. Since I'm the writer of the "forms of markdown"

> that reddit and github use, just exactly where does discount depart

> significantly from JG's official specification?

Oh, I didn't know that either of those sites used discount.
Discount is, in my experience, extremely accurate (and extremely
fast). But github uses a documented variant for some purposes
(, and, as for
reddit, I'm just going on my experience having posts there formatted
incorrectly. I think one context where that happened was an inline
code span with backslashes. According to John Gruber's specification, as
I understand it,


should render as


but discount (at least the version on babelmark) renders it as



`` a```a ``

should render as


but discount renders it as


(Hm, just noticed that peg-markdown and lunamark get that one wrong,
too. I'll have to fix that. At least pandoc gets it right.)


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